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Wooden windows with an aluminium strip

Based on our extensive experience, we meet even the most refined expectations of all our customers and designers in terms of the spatial shaping of the wood and aluminium structures. The combination of wood and aluminium enables the maximum use of the practical and aesthetic values of each of these raw materials.
Wood – with its long history as an eco-friendly raw material, also creates a warm and friendly atmosphere in your room.
Aluminium – used on the outside, it protects the wood and guarantees durability. GEMINI construction systems have been tested for CE certification at IFT Rosenheim (Germany).
The test reports also constitute the basis for CE-marking.

Every option is available for the 68 mm thick wooden profile, which offers practically unlimited freedom in creating numerous choices and different designs.
Frame and leaf – three- or four-layer laminated wood (depending on the thickness of the wooden profile) + Aluron aluminium strip from the outside. Possible window shapes: rectangular, trapezoidal, triangular, arched, and circular (only displays). Window opening methods: turn, tilt and turn, tilt, rectangular tilt, as well as balcony doors, tilt and slide terrace doors, patio doors and external doors. Wood species, paints, fittings identical to the wooden EURO 68 systems.

Standard equipment:

  • three-layer laminated wood – pine, meranti, and oak
  • triple glazing set, 4/16/4/16/4 (44 mm) U=0.5
  • aluminium distance frame
  • envelope fittings with micro-ventilation function
  • handle misplacement block with leaf lift
  • hinge covers
  • gasket in leaf
  • two anti-burglary latches in leaf
  • aluminium handle

Additional equipment:

  • muntins (glued on both sides, internal, removable, structural)
  • internal and external sills
  • reed relays
  • key-lockable handles (standard for anti-burglary fittings),
  • balcony latches
  • Roto Designio (concealed hinges)
  • other glazing sets
  • warm frame (white, grey, black, brown)
  • anti-burglary fittings, class RC1, RC2
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