Fire protection door joinery


Three-chamber system, designed for creating internal or external fire partitions.


  • innovative glazing with one-sided glazing beads – on the other side the glass structure can almost form one plane with the leaf
  • shorter production and installation time than with two-bead products
  • comfortable glass installation using pressure sliders
  • protection against fire protection tape removal by installation in the rebate
  • many variants of door leaves
  • suitable for large size structures
  • suitable for smoke control structures
  • compatibility with other EI30 and EI90 fire systems using the same shape depth of 78 mm
  • compatibility with EI120 fire systems using adaptation shapes
  • suitable for internal and external door in emergency escape exits and routes
  • a solution covered by the current Fire Resistance Classification and National Technical Evaluation

Technical parameters:

  • EN AW-6060 aluminium shapes as per PN-EN 573-3 state T66 as per PN-EN 515
  • Frame depth 78 mm
  • Leaf depth 78 mm
  • Infill single glass with fire protection properties, glass units: PN – EN 1279-1, PN – EN 1279-5, non-transparent panels: as per the National Technical Evaluation, Fire Resistance Classification and Classification Reports, 20–62 mm
  • Acoustic insulation with a single glass with the thickness of 17 mm, fire protection properties: acc. to indicator RA1 – 35 dB, RA2 – 35 dB, RW – 37 dB
  • Smoke control class Sa and S200 as per PN-EN 13501-2
  • The National Technical Evaluation ITB-KOT-2017/0351 – “Internal fire protection doors and/or internal smoke control doors, fire protection windows and set of products for fire protection internal and external doors of the PONZIO PE78EI system, made of aluminium shapes with a distance piece”
  • Approvals and certificates of quality Classification Reports for external doors, certified as per PN EN 16034 and PN EN 14351-1+A2
  • EN AW-6060 aluminium shapes as per PN-EN 573-3 state T66 as per PN-EN 515
  • Column and transom depth: 85–196 mm, transom: 91–201 mm
  • Column and transom width 52 mm
  • Infill: single glass, glass units or non-transparent panels with fire resistance, 15–66 mm
  • Air permeability class AE 2100
  • Water sealing class RE 2100
  • Thermal insulation: U0 from 1.7 W/m2K and Ucw/Uw from 0.78 W/m2K (calculated for a component with dimensions: L 1200 x H 2500 mm, Ug=0.5 W/m2K, glass)
  • Classification work no. 1561/19/R118NZP + Addendum 1561/20/R136NZP + Addendum 1561/21/R143NZP
  • Approvals and certificates of quality:
  • classification NR 03-01561/19/R126NZE
  • 01561/16/R83NZP “Evaluation of fire propagation on walls and roof covers of the PONZIO PF152 system”
  • 1561/19/R118NZP + Addendum 1561/20/R136NZP + Addendum 1561/21/R143NZP “Fire resistance classification of the curtain walls of the Ponzio PF152 system in full and partial configuration by Ponzio Polska Sp. z o.o.”
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