Aluminium – warm window systems

The three-chamber profile design system with fitting groove in the Euro standard and the fitting groove used in balcony windows and doors made of PVC or wooden profiles. It is designed for windows meeting very high thermal insulation requirements.

  • high thermal insulation – with 42 mm multi-chamber thermal insulation and a two-component central gasket
  • for large size structures
  • high freedom in selecting different fitting types
  • window leaves can be flush with the frame (single plane on the outside)
  • enables profile bending
  • many corner connection methods
  • different thermal insulation variants, depending on the insulation inserts in use: PE78N+, PE78NHI, PE78NHI+
  • in the warmest PE78NHI+ version, cavity closure and aero-gel insulation insert, heat transfer coefficient, Uf, from 0.7 W/m2K
  • suitable for many window variants, for example tilt and turn, outswing, concealed leaf etc.


  • infill thickness frame: 17–61 mm, leaf: 17–69 mm
  • frame depth 78 mm
  • leaf depth 86 mm
  • infill type: single glass, glass unit or non-transparent panels
  • maximum leaf dimensions L 1700 x H 2200 mm, L 1300 x H 3000 mm
  • maximum leaf weight 200 kg
  • air permeability class 4
  • water sealing class E1650
  • thermal insulation, Uw, from 0.74 W/m2K (calculated for window: L 1480 x H 2180 mm)
  • burglary protection class RC2, RC3
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