Wooden windows and doors

SLIDING windows

The latest trends in design and architecture are compelling window manufacturers to implement increasingly large sizes in single and multiple family building projects. The HS lift and slide system is the most advanced technological solution on the market, ensuring smooth and silent operation for large terrace glazing systems. This is a very practical interface between the internal and external space of your flat or house. These types of glazing are most often found in living rooms with terrace and garden doors.


  • Unlimited freedom in creating much greater structures with widths of up to 6500 mm and heights of 2700 mm.
  • The HS system eliminates the threshold barrier, which facilitates moving between the outside and the inside and leaves much freedom for designing rooms and terraces.
  • Despite the large weight of glass panels, with this system the leaves are comfortable and smooth to operate.
  • HS lift and slide doors ensure appealing appearance and adds lighting to your rooms, while providing efficient protection from adverse weather conditions.

Standard equipment:

  • pine, meranti, oak – three/four-layer laminated wood
  • triple glazing set, 4/16/4/16/4 (44 mm) Ug = 0.5
  • aluminium distance frame
  • system fittings
  • low aluminium threshold
  • 2 gaskets in leaf
  • aluminium handle

Additional equipment:

  • air vents installed in leaf
  • muntins (glued on both sides, internal, removable, structural)
  • reed relays
  • key-lockable handles
  • aluminium lining, extends its service life
  • warm frame
  • other glazing sets (absorption, reflective, sound-absorbing, self-cleaning, ornamental, frosted, tempered glass)
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