Wooden windows and doors

Wooden external doors

The front door of your flat or house is something that your visitors will notice. They should be aligned with the construction style, colours and your needs. In addition to adverse weather conditions, the front door is intended to protect us from unwelcome visitors. Quality and precision are of utmost importance to us, so we consider every detail as essential.
Our products, including the front doors, are not only beautiful, but also fitted with the required theft protection systems (reinforced profiles, anti-burglary locks and other additions). Doors by OKNOSTYL are a guarantee of warmth and safety.

The standard for the wooden doors manufactured by Oknostyl comprises:

Design: leaf frame and sill made of three-layer laminated glulam, pine, mahogany or oak,

Infill: thermal insulation panels or low emission glazing units,


  • strip bolt with a three-point lock,
  • G-U hinges
  • 2 anti-force components
  • aluminium threshold with a thermal distance piece
  • sealing: two replaceable gaskets
  • 3- or 4-point strip lock

Painting: we use eco-friendly paints by REMMERS (impregnation, priming coat, two surface coats).

Additional equipment:

  • handle with anti-reaming sheet metal
  • hinge covers in handle colour or as ordered
  • insert lock with a single key system
  • card, code, remote controller systems, etc.
  • stained glass glazing units, sand-blasted patterns or bevelled glazing units
  • custom handles
  • decorative components (heads and strips)
  • accessories (knockers, viewers etc.)
  • automatic or brush bottom seal
  • automatic strip lock.


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