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SASH windows

OKNOSTYL manufactures English sash windows, intended primarily for the English market. In England, sash windows are the standard window system. They are also often used in Ireland.

Sash windows often use an up-down slide system, while their drive is assisted by weights or springs. Using these windows reduces the indoor space required, which is a great advantage. Their advantages also include their ease of use. This is due to the perfect alignment and even weight distribution. The English sash windows we manufacture for our products range use the best materials.

Our English sash windows are manufactured from materials like: pine, oak and meranti. We offer frames with a thickness between 145 and 165 mm. The leaf thickness is from 48 to 58 mm, depending on the glazing unit thickness. We offer locks, hooks, grips and other window components in many different colours. We guarantee that our English windows can satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Materialpine, meranti, oak
DesignFrame thickness 145 mm – 165 mm 145 mm
Leaf thickness 58 mm 48 mm
StainStain-type paints to show the wood texture or opaque paints, available in one or two colours, either RAL or FARROW & BALL
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Vent lock:

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