We offer External Doors by WIKĘD in 5 basic lines. Every type is available in many designs with every pattern in several base colours and, on special order, in RAL colours. To manufacture doors, WIKĘD uses the latest solutions in statics, thermal properties and general aesthetics. In addition, the doors are fitted with technological innovations, which streamline and automatise the bolting process and access, and enable remote control. With the wide product range, you can select the doors that will be the showpiece of your HOME, while ensuring SAFETY and WARMTH.


GLASS DESIGN, very appealing choices of modern design. This collection is distinguished by exceptional care for every detail. The glass leaf forms a single plane on both sides.

GLASS LOFT is a perfect example of the compatibility of the black glass on the entire leaf height with the latest design of this collection and custom pattern.

GLASS FRONT is distinguished by black glass applied directly on a solid door leaf, which achieves a realistic glazing effect.

CLASSIC DESIGNS are perfect for classic construction, which appreciates elegance and timeless shapes.

Jesteśmy na rynku od 1997 roku

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