English windows and doors – wooden


We manufacture French doors with a 68 mm profile thickness, a design characteristic of the English construction industry.

They are available as double leaf outswing terrace doors. As required by British law, this type of door is fitted with two-sided tempered or laminated glass, Ug=1.1 W/m2K. You may choose, for example, an aluminium or wooden threshold and a strip lock (multi-point).

French doors are often found with a fixed screen.

English front doors – The Front Door by OKNOSTYL from Krzeszowice is characterised by unique resistance to everyday use and changing weather conditions. They are warm, safe and exceptionally durable.

We produce custom, the most refined and original door designs available. We also offer doors in custom dimensions, with side leaves, screens and additional accessories like vents. As standard for our doors are 3D Hinges – adjustable in three planes, with high stability and load capacity.

The paints used for our doors may be opaque or stain types, which show the wood texture, one or two RAL colours, and FARROW & BALL.

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