Wooden windows and doors

ENERGO 88 windows

The modern OKNOSTYL products are ENERGO 88 wooden windows. With a width of 88 mm, this window perfectly meets all sealing, energy efficiency and aesthetic requirements, resulting in great satisfaction. The windows can be made of pine, spruce, oak and meranti (commonly known as mahogany). This is especially recommended for low energy and typically passive houses.

ENERGO 88 wooden windows have the following advantages:

  • Subtle rounding of external profiles.
  • The Ug = 0.6 glass enables achieving a k coefficient of less than 0.9 W/(m2xK) for the entire window.
  • The NX fittings in silver by ROTO enable smooth adjustment, which translates into your great satisfaction.
  • The thermal distance piece in the aluminium fin of the window leaf
  • Two gaskets, notch and rebate, to ensure the required window energy efficiency
  • HOPPE Secustik Luxembourg or Roto window handles.

The perfect quality and warp resistance of ENERGO 88 windows is ensured by the four-layer laminated wood, all dried to the required humidity levels. The service life of our windows is also extended by priming and impregnation. Frame thresholds and lower leaf edges are protected by aluminium fins.

If you are considering purchasing ENERGO 88 windows, we recommend layer sealing installation.

The right installation method is essential in making sure that the wooden ENERGO 88 windows serve their purpose, meaning that they have the lowest possible heat transfer coefficient. Windows should be installed so that they prevent thermal bridges between the edge of the window frame and the wall of the building. We offer not only traditional types of installation using fitting foam or anchors, but also additional fitting tapes. Vapour-permeable fitting tapes are applied to both the inside and outside of the window.

Additional equipment:

  • internal and external sills
  • reed relays
  • balcony latches
  • air vents installed in the window frame or leaf
  • muntins (glued on both sides, internal, removable, structural)
  • key-lockable handles (standard for anti-burglary fittings)
  • Roto Designio (concealed hinges)
  • warm frame (white, grey, black, brown)
  • anti-burglary fitting, class RC1, RC2

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